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Is a dispute starting to look like it won’t resolve itself? Is it taking centre stage? It’s the last thing you need when there is so much positive work to get on with. If it’s demanding too much attention, could involve disciplinary action, perhaps with the risk of a tribunal, then you need to act. People need to keep talking, the situation needs to change – and quickly.

As an HR professional you’ll be familiar with workplace and employment mediation, but you may never have actually called upon it. By using a third party mediator you gain the advantage of a wealth of experience.

According to the CIPD, in the UK, workplace conflict costs organisations £24 billion a year. This is not a contribution towards good resolutions, but the cost of unmediated outcomes.

The fact is, professional workplace and employment mediation actually saves you not just money and possibly legal wrangles, but time and productivity. You can spend your time instead on what you do best for your organisation. By engaging a professional mediator, you will be seen as impartial and fair, and continue afterwards with respect, whatever the outcome.

With an 85% success rate, workplace mediation is increasingly being offered by employers to resolve conflict, as it is an affordable and effective way of moving forward.

Why third party mediation makes sense to HR professionals

  • remove any suspicion of taking sides
  • make the intervention timely, not when you have time
  • avoid irretrievable situations
  • benefit from trained mediators
  • avoid costly tribunals
  • achieve outcomes agreed by all parties, equally, without duress


It is essential that every participant in the mediation process finds real commitment to seeking a resolution. When everyone is willing, mediation has a very good chance of succeeding. Do you believe this is now the right thing to do?

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