Peter Reichwald
workplace and employment mediator


I gained my accreditation through the Globis Mediation Group. My motivation as a mediator is to help people who find themselves in a difficult place find a way to break out. I am able to empathise yet remain objective and independent, and so bring a calm approach to stuck situations. I don’t interfere where it is not necessary – sometimes silence is the best ingredient of mediation.

My job is to get on with people, a quality I have gained from travelling all over the world. I have learned to understand and appreciate people from very many different backgrounds and cultures.

Believe me, I understand about conflict in the workplace, having 14 years experience of working at Board level. In addition, as a recruitment consultant, I have found candidates for roles as Non-Executive Chairmen and Directors, Chairs of Audit and Remuneration committees as well as at senior executive levels in the world of public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

I have particular experience working with the NHS, government departments and its agencies, professional bodies and charities. I have come to be respected for supporting and encouraging diversity in the workplace.

I am a trustee of the World Jewish Relief, as well as sitting on the Nominations and Allocation Committees I take a special interest in the charity’s programmes for non-Jewish beneficiaries.

My earlier career included senior executive experience in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. I am also a regular speaker at the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Club seminars, and on the advisory Board of Diversity UK.

I am based in London and Bournemouth. As I look out to sea from my flat in Bournemouth, on a rough day, I see the skippers guiding their craft and passengers through rough waters to reach the calm of the bay. In the same way, as a mediator, I facilitate the route of the parties in a dispute to find a way for them to reach calm waters.



Peter was very calm with a reassuring approach that set a great ‘tone’ for the session

He was very structured and has a measured approach – stayed in control and maintained progress effectively

Peter is very solution orientated – pulled out ideas and suggestions from both parties

He used silence brilliantly in the latter stages to enable the parties to work through the issues

Peter was very non judgemental, positive and objective style

Peter recognised the ‘emotional’ in the situation and encouraged balanced decision-making.

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